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At City we long for every person to be involved in our vision of helping people find, carry and bring the Hope of Jesus Christ! There’s a place for you. Get involved!


Be part of God’s Church

Everybody has a part to play in the church. We are a community, and everyone’s unique skills, passions, talents, connections, growth and input are valuable, and are what contribute to bringing God’s kingdom to earth.

There are many ways to get involved, many areas that need you and some places where we can help you, too. Some of the opportunities are listed below.


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City Groups

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The Institute exists to equip and mature people in the Bible through three mediums:

  1. The Higher Certificate of Theology (in partnership with BTC)
  2. Short form in-person classes (4-6 weeks)
  3. Online short form classes

There are three ways you can partner with The Institute:

  1. Enrol in the Higher Certificate of Theology
  2. Audit the Higher Certificate courses (not for credits)
  3. Take one of our short form classes either in-person or online

Schedule for 2023: 

All classes take place on a Monday night from 6:45pm – 9:00pm

For more info on our upcoming courses, please fill in the form below or email

Higher Certificate course:

    1. How to Study Scripture (27 February to 24 April)
    2. Overview of the Bible (5 June to 28 August)
    3. Introduction to Christian Theology (25 September to 27 November)

In-person short form classes:

  1. How to Study the Bible: Genre (3 April to 24 April)
  2. Introduction to Apologetics (31 July to 28 August)
  3. 5 Solas of the Reformation (30 October to 27 November)

Online classes:

  1. Foundations class (March)
  2. Introduction to Biblical beliefs (October)

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No matter how long you’ve been at City, we all have a next step to take. The best way to discover your next step is at The Landing. For more info, please email

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The Colab Foundation is our social impact arm. Colab brings together people, churches and businesses to fund high-impact organisations that tackle the needs of the poor and vulnerable.

City Green is our home! Situated on one of the busiest roads in Joburg, we believe that this property will be the source of massive benefit and blessing to the city.

We have plenty of City Groups that meet all around Joburg every week. Groups are an incredible opportunity to do life together, and grow together, in a smaller and more intimate environment.



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